R A C I N G  L O T U S · F I L M  F E S T I V A L

NOVEMBER 13/14 2010

Gordon Huckle

Gordon joined Team Lotus in late 1966. In 1967, he was assigned to the Formula 1 team where, along with Allan McCall, he was mechanic on Jim Clark's cars - including the Lotus 49. For 1968, Gordon moved on to the GT programme with the Type 47s running in Gold Leaf colours, working with John Miles, among others.

For 1969, he ran the Type 62s, which ran in the prototype class. In 1970, he came back to the Formula 1 team as chief mechanic, co-ordinating the running of the team's Lotus 49s and 72s. However, he did not travel to the fateful Monza race where Rindt has his accident, as he was suffering from exhaustion, a common affliction that year among Team mechanics.

When GRD was formed upon the closing of Lotus Components' production racing car business, he was one of the founding partners in the business.

Gordon is now retired and living in the West Country.