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NOVEMBER 13/14 2010

The Lotus 72

Lotus 72

The Lotus Type 72 was one of the most striking-looking and successful racing cars in the history of Formula 1.

Colin Chapman and Maurice Phillippe’s striking wedge-shaped Type 72 Formula 1 car, was introduced on April 1st, 1970 as a replacement for the unsuccessful four-wheel-drive Type 63 and the ageing Type 49.

Rindt Brands 1970

Having won both the World Drivers (with Jochen Rindt) and Constructors Championship titles in 1970, the car went through a number of different evolutions to keep it competitive, resulting in a second pair of Championships in 1972 as well as the Constructors’ Championship in 1973.

Fittipaldi Barcelona 1973

It was still winning races in 1974 and scoring points in 1975! The Lotus 72 was driven by some of the great racing drivers of the 1970s such as Rindt, Fittipaldi, Peterson and Ickx. 

Ickx France 1975